Frequently asked questions

Is DalaFarm vegetables powders organic certified?

Currently, DalaFarm is the first Green Buddy farm to be fully grown by Mansanobu Fukuoka, author of the book “The Revolution of a Straw” with the “Do Nothing” method.

At the present time, DalaFarm Farm pledges to provide quality products from safe, healthy vegetables, committed to 100% non-chemical, no pesticides. Nutrients for vegetables on the farm are provided by vermicard fertilizer.

In the process, DalaFarm is still actively working to improve, perfect and towards the strict organic standards (for example, the soil is not used for chemical fertilizers. over 3 years onwards), in response to the trust of customers who trust and support DalaFarm.

How to pay

DalaFarm encourages customers to pay via internet banking or mobile app for the following benefits:

However, DalaFarm still accepts other forms of payment that customers choose as cash on delivery.